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    Default Nix Quint, on to Pumper????

    We have determined that we cannot be successful by asking for a Quint.
    Although we have two and three story residential and commercial buildings, with several commercial structures being over 500' x 500' with 20' wall heights, it's not going to be enough.
    We are now needing to "re-evaluate" our application and I was wondering what might be the benefit of asking for a Pumper/Tanker rather than just a Pumper?

    What we need is a Custom chassis with 1250 to 2000GPM pump and 1000 to 1500gal tank, foam, and Detroit 60 series 400 to 500 engine w/ auto tranny.

    The other particulars are not an issue.

    What would be a good combo for a Pump/Tank and does the combo get a higher "score" when being considered??

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    DHS doesn't recognize a pumper-tanker as a valid vehicle. They're either pumpers (<1250 tank) or tankers (1250+). The addition of a 1000+ gpm pump is a reason the truck costs more, and adds some other ammo to the argument, but it depends on the needs of the department.

    Crossing into that 14L Detroit will cost a good $45K or more. When we went from the stock 400 to the 475 that was the price difference. Avoid crossing the $300K mark, at that point you go to a 1 in 92 shot of award. You may have to give up some things to keep the $$ amount lower but depending on what else you have in the barn if it's an improvement, its an improvement.

    Happy Granting - Brian

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    Thanx for the reply.
    I have not been able to attend a grantwriting seminar this year and on reading the slideshow this evening I found the pumper/tender had a low priority rating.

    The truck we have to replace was a 76 with 750 pump and 1000 tank. It sustained damage during Katrina and cannot be repaired due to age and parts availability.

    Looks like a 1250 pump and a 1000 tank is the best way to go.

    $45K for an engine upgrade????
    They'd get killed if they tried those prices on a Truck Driver.
    But I guess it's a whole different world for fire trucks.
    I can get you 4 Detroit 60 series 500HP engines and leave you with change for that price.

    We just need to get with the manufacturers and get new bids on the pumper.

    The Custom is good for 20 years so that's the way we're looking. That's 5 years more use and should be obvious in the cost/benefit area.

    I do feel like I'm starting at the last minute now that we have changed the type of vehicle.
    Good luck to you too.

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