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Thread: Expansion Rings

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    Default Expansion Rings

    Jst wondering where folks go to buy fire hose expansion rings???

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    Default Try these

    In NC, we use the local E-One rep. They may not sell outside of their sales area, but the info is: CW Williams Co. Rocky Mount, NC 800-277-FIRE. Also try Municipal Emergency Services, 877-MES-FIRE; www.mesfire.com, Darley, 800-4-darley; www.edarley.com, and Cascade Fire Equipment, 800-854-7049; www.cascadefire.com

    Hope that helps!

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    Expansion rings come from the hose coupling manufacturers, such as RedHead Brass, Couplex, etc. Your local fire equipment distributor should have no problems obtaining them for you.

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    Default supplies

    Get a hold of the Firehouse Magazine end of year issue marked Buyers guide issue. Everything you could want by item and manufacturer should be listed.The last one I have is the December 2004 issue which lists the 2005 buyer guide.

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    In Colorado Springs call Acme Fire and Safety at 473-2259 or 632-9822. They have a hose coupler and carry some expansion rings in stock.

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