Well, I can't say I agree with not teaching this very important fire safety maneuver. Stop, drop and roll is if your clothing is burning. I don't see how this affects fire prevention or escape from a burning building.

Maybe someone could enlighten me...

Here is the article..

The firefighters union launched a campaign yesterday to stop, drop and throw out the most well known national catchphrase for fire safety.

"Stop, drop and roll . . . this attacks the realities of what fires look like and how to prevent them . . . and, God forbid, should [children] face that situation, they need to know how to get out and get out quickly," said Uniformed Firefighters Association president Steve Cassidy. He endorsed an educational model yesterday that emphasizes what he says is far more practical advice - such as telling kids to get away from a fire as soon as possible, notify others and avoid playing with matches and other combustibles