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    Default Smoke Machine & other Training Equip

    I was wondering if anyone has any recomendations on a smoke/fog machine. We would be using it mostly in residential and small commercial property but I want one that can produce enough to make it realistic and keep it smoked for a while unlike some that disapate quickly.

    We also are condering a digital projector and computer if anyone has a particular one that works well for powerpoint.

    If you have been successful with these items any tips would be appreciated.

    We would also be applying for SCBA and a TIC.

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    Apply for the SCBA and the TIC, estimate some inflation costs, and then if the prices drop when you're a cash customer buy the projector and computer with the excess funds under the FP heading.

    Smoke machines can be had for less than $100, we filled our station with one that cost about that. The computer and projector will fall under self-taught training and distance learning, the lowest priorities there are for training. They would kill the SCBA & TIC project no matter how high the scores.

    Since I use one in seminars, and plan on using it in the game room in the off-season for movies and such get a projecter with XGA resolution. Also go with a business class computer, their parts are meant to take the abuse more than the home machines. That's why they cost more.

    Good luck - Brian

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