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    Default CBRN SCBA's for 2006 AFG

    Ok I'm sure the question has been asked before but I could not find anything. If we are applying for airpacks is CBRN going to help or hurt us? What about accountibility systems? Spare facepieces? Last year we put in for SCBA's, Turnouts, and Radios and Pagers and were denied late in the game. What would you reccomend to take off that list to give us a better chance. Also we were looking to get some training money to help build a facility in town, are there any other grants for this? Would including workout equipment in with SCBA's and gear hurt our score? I appreciate any and all help!

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    It's not required that SCBA be CBRNE-certified. It may actually hurt you if you apply for that type of SCBA. You need to 1) adequately justify in the narrative for CBRNE-certified SCBA & 2) be directly related to the state's homeland security plan. Check with the your state to be sure.

    When you got your DJ letter did it give any hints where there was an issue in the 4 required components. The reason being since you recieved a DJ late in the game, you may need only have to tweak the narrative instead of eliminating needed equipment.

    Read page 21 section (d) Wellness and Fitness Activities. It's more involved than just recieving funding for work out equipment. Just going for work out equipment, with out addressing the other areas will hurt your application.

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    Default answer

    Our DJ did not give any reason for rejection. Last year was the first narrative I have written. My opinion was that if I had someone help me with the narrative then we would be funded. Any other tips would be appreciated!

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    A late round denial doesn't mean you'll even make Peer Review in the next year. But more on that on Monday....

    Definitely don't include exercise equipment. If you need PPE related items, fitness doesn't belong. Pick one project area and run with it. I'd go PPE and SCBA, or PPE and pagers, SCBA and nothing else, PPE and nothing else. Going back to what Chief Gaines said on the DHS PodCast (and something some of us have been saying for years) is that when you ask for more than one project area you have to write that many narratives within the one. So what you probably fell short on was justifying 1 or more of the 4 projects you asked for. Or you didn't justify why you couldn't afford all 4 of them individually. Or explain the benefits of each individually.

    Then again, maybe you did but the computer score wasn't high enough when coupled with the narrative score. Too many items spoils the grant app.

    And to reiterate Bugle, you have to have CBRN risks in your district when requesting CBRN SCBA. And those risks must be highly detailed in the narrative.

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