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    Default BC ideas

    Currently our team uses the Seaquest Pro QD BC, and our team likes them. The problem we are running into is: we would like to put two dive set ups on a heavy rescue that we have. We have divers that range in size from 5'4" 150 lbs to 6'2" 300 lbs. and we do not have the space to store 6 BC's (two of each size) We have room for the drysuits (they are rather compact)
    I know that some agencies run without a BC and use the drysuit, but at this time we are uncomfortable with that idea.
    After testing our division likes the jacket style BC, but I am wondering if you guys have come across something that would get us by for that first diver and safety until the rest of the equipment arrives.

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    Default P/S diver bcd

    In our searching, we came across this bcd, and are looking heavily into it. We havent talked with anyone personally that has dove with it, but it looks like they have some pretty god things integrated into it. Give 'em a look---cant hurt.

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    Default T

    Are your divers manning the squad? Then they could place the BC that they need for that shift day. Or, if the divers on shift that day are at another station you could put the size BC that they need on the squad. It probably become a pain having to switch bc every morning but it is an idea

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    Default SeaQuest BCs

    Our team also uses the SeaQuest Pro BC and our members like them too. What we did overcome the "size challenge" was to increase the number of scuba units to four. That way we have a variety of sizes IMMEDIATELY available. If we have one of the "odd balls" working at the water rescue station, then they are responsible for making certain a BC that fits them is set up on a unit at shift change.

    If your divers like the BCs they are using I would suggest you stick with them. You have already invested time and training into these units; to the point where there is a high comfort level. I would work hard trying to stick to what has, up to this point, worked well. You can consider a larger rescue truck, smaller diameter scuba cylinders and changing some of the other equipment around so you can accomodate an additional SCUBA unit(s).

    If you are stuck with only two units, then give strong consideration to SQUAD1LTs suggestion of changing the BCs as needed at the beginning of shift change. One advantage of this is strong familiarity with the unit and assurance that it is checked on a frequent basis.

    The other thing to consider is this...
    The reason SeaQuest makes different sized BCs is so they PROPERLY fit a range of divers. If you restict yourself to only two BCs, no matter what brand you find, they are going to be either too big or too small for some of your personnel. You are not going to find a single BC that PROPERLY fits everyone in a range of "5'4" 150 lbs to 6'2" 300 lbs."

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    I would definitely have a bc set up for each member(unlees budget poor) due to possible equipment problems and soforth.....I would try to find a way to set each as to what shift is on, like someone said above it will be a pain.
    also look into a trailer set up, a little bulky to drive but it carries alot of equipment.

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