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    Question Tell me about headsets!

    Do you have a favorite style of headset for your pump operator to wear? I'm lloking for something that will fit securely under the helmet but still provide good ear coverage. Most of the better ones I've seen require you to work with a ball cap instead of a helmet - because of the harness passing over your skull.

    Any opinions appreciated.
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    Any type is fine with me, I dont wear PPE when Im pumping (our SOG is drivers dont wear PPE while driving) so I dont have a helmet issue.

    The important thing with headsets and pumping is to only have one ear covered. You need to be able to hear things like traffic, as well as the radio.
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    We went with the David Clark headsets. Ours are 2 eared style, but if I'm running the pump, one earpiece gets pushed back so I can hear fireground noise. David Clark headsets. You have to order the cable assembly seperately (to fit the radio your using it with). They have VOX and PTT selections, my reccomendation is to go with the PTT unit. These headsets have held up well for over 10 years, and they are "behind the head" style, so you can wear a helmet with them.
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    David Clark headsets are good units, however I would take a look at Avcomm headsets. They are very nice headsets for significantly less than the DC's. We have had no problems with our Avcomms.

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    DC all the way...they are consistent in quality and customer service.


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