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    Default Local Advantage?

    When looking for places to hire on with, do departments prefer hiring from the community or it doesn't matter?

    Thanks in advance.

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    There may be a small, very small advantage to being a “local boy”, but it isn’t anything compared to the advantage of being prepared for the test. There have been many a local who were told, “you got it man” by the people on their local department, only to have it taken away by the dark horse from out of town that did well in their interview.

    This is especially true with volunteers and reserves. They think having local knowledge and knowing the people on the department will count for something. While it may count for a little, there is a much bigger difference in oral scores between the prepared and unprepared, than the locals and those out of town.

    I have also seen people that have hurt or ruined their chances with the local department by feeling like one of the guys and being to comfortable around the department. They get to shooting their mouths off or acting goofy, get into a beef with some of the paid people, or irritate one of the chief’s, and suddenly they have a reputation. Guys that haven’t even met them don’t like them, and their chances have gone out the window. We gossip, even if you work on the local ambulance, if you do something we will hear about it, talk about it and make a judgment about you. Fair or unfair, that’s the way it is. I have had people I know call me from departments miles away, and when I mention something that happened there they say,” How did you know about that, I just heard”? News, especially bad news, travels though the grape vine at the speed of light. Just don’t let it be about you.

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