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    Default Mapping systems

    What does your dispatch center use for mapping areas?

    We are trying to get our local county to start using CTOL, we have it in 2 of our rigs so far and like it. Just wondering who is using the same and how many are using other systems. Also how accurate is the GPS interface when your system is put in a moble?


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    I Agree , Interact Is The Best

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    We are trying to use VisionAire's GeoLynx, unfortunately the system has never worked reliably-going on 2 years now. The GPS rarely works, the rare times it does there is about a 20 minute delay. The tablet computers don't work well either, the touch screens are either too sensitive or not enough, no matter how many times we calibrate them.

    We were better off with our old DOS based system.

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    Default Maps we use

    We cover a number of towns for dispatching. We find simply the internet and Microsoft Streets and Trips works great!

    Check out GOOGLE MAPS - with Hybrid Overlay - it's free, and pretty accurate !

    Colchester, CT

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