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    Default Your email address is what?!?

    I just wanted to throw something out there and please DO NOT take offense if this effects you.

    Some fire service people I have run across have email addresses like “eatsfire”, “flametamer” “resQyou” "smokeeater" @ yahoo or aol dot com.

    This is nice and cute and all.

    BUT….As you start moving through your career and NETWORKING with other paid highly ranking people, (Chiefs, Captains, City Managers, etc…) it may not look favorable to you when conducting real business, exchanging power points and documents. You do not want to look like a clown, “whacker” or someone who is still an Explorer Scout in their 20s.

    I suggest finding a “business email” address when dealing with these type of professionals. Use your full name or first initial and last name. Whatever it takes so you don’t look like you’re still in high school.

    Example- joesmith @ yahoo.com or jsmith @ aol.com.

    PLUS- I like to keep my business and personal emails accounts seperate. I find it way easier when responding and conducting business in both disiplines. And email address are FREE at Yahoo and I think at hotmail as well.

    The old saying of “keep it simple” applies here.

    AGAIN, if you have one of those other email addresses, I am NOT trying to offend you, just giving out an idea that works for me.

    Side note- This idea also runs along the past posting of Capt. Bob and people's home or cell outgoing voicemail greetings. If youre going to sound like a clown, then that’s the perception they get and will dictate how the following business is going to be conducted. Me, I like to keep my home and cell outgoing messages clean, simple and to the point.
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    Outstanding tip Bou! I have had some guys submit applications to me with some of THOSE email addresses, and it makes me wonder right from the start. You really should have a "business" email address.

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    Hear, hear!

    I am the Communications Director for our Local and it is amazing what OFFICERS of locals have for their e-mail address, much less the membership.
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