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    Default Tougher "Move Over" bill aims to save rescuer's lives

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    Warning this will turn into a rant.
    I like the new law. The state of Missouri and Kansas did a very powerful enforcement of agressive driving laws a few weeks ago. Hundreds and Hundreds of tickets were issued for passing on shoulder, passing em vehicles, wreckless driving, speeding, road rage etc. The thing that made me laugh the most was that the LE departments put up alot of signage and had messages on the traffic info system that there would be strict enforcement in certain areas (they actualy gave the info on which stretches of road) and people ignored them. Personaly they need to put barriers a set distance apart on the shoulders to keep people from passing. Even better would be remote controlled spike strips, "if you pass, you will loose your tires"

    I was driving NB on I35 on the 28th of last month. There was a massive wreck under the 75th street bridge and the highway was down to one lane. What ****ed me off was that I was in the lane that went directly to the 75th street exit, but everyone used it to try to get farther up the road and cut in. Even more stupid was that a massive number of drivers decided to make their own lane on the shoulder. I was just hopping someone would roll their car in their act of IGNORANCE. I even got mad enough to tell someone to take their head out of their arse. What made my blood boil the most was when the drivers on the shoulders would get angry when they couldnt get back in traffic. SORRY DUMB arse, you need to go back to your fortress of ignorance and learn how to drive, sad fact was that there were alot of people in that group that acted like they didnt even know how to drive their own vehicle.
    I now understand why some people snap at other people on the roads.
    Rant off.
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    I think any effort to make our jobs safer is a good effort. However the effectiveness of this is on preventing us from getting killed is probably not much. If you hit us or almost hit us, there is a stiffer penalty. But no law is going to make people magically pay attention and not run firefighters over. It will keep happening until the service as a whole wises up about traffic safety.
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