Ogden Fire Destroys Historic Candy Factory
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(CBS News) OGDEN Firefighters responded to a large fire at the Shupe-Williams Candy Factory in Ogden.

The fire was near 2600 South Wall Avenue in Ogden’s downtown area. The blaze may have started in a basement area.

Larry Walker, who owned the building until five years ago, spoke to 2News. He said the building was built in 1890 as the Shupe-Williams Candy Company Factory and was owned by several people over the years. Walker bought the warehouse from the city of Ogden, who planned to tear down the building. Walker purchased the building in an effort to preserve the historic structure. He said he was in the process of converting the building into lofts when he sold it around 2001.

Walker said the latest owners were working to keep the building as a museum, but it was no longer being restored.

Fire crews moved quickly into a defensive attack, and let the fire burn itself out. Much of the building crumbled.

There were no reports of any injuries.