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    Quote Originally Posted by BC79er
    Looks like someone meant to type 'Where IN Arkansas', not 'Where IS Arkansas'

    And look at all of the fun postings came out of that little misunderstanding. Everyone now realize why we all say to check for the minor details in your grant applications? Massive misconceptions over one little letter happen all of the time, especially in the pressure cooker called Peer Review.
    Brian righto! rfd99 it was "touche', not touchy, as in "you got me guy!" Oh my, too, too many hours in front of this computer. iIneed sleep! Goo dnight all!
    Kurt Bradley
    Fire/EMS/EMA Grant Consultant
    " Never Trade Skill for Luck"

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    Thanks for the clarification and have a good evening!


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    Have you looked at Chieftain... We have went away for the others due to price, quality and delivery times. We are very happy with the 3200X Series...

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    Default PPE Grant

    Make sure if you are writing for PPE you ask for the same amount of gear as you have members. Never try to ask for more. This will score you really low, or might just completely throw you out.

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    Default A few thoughts on gear

    Having recv'd an award for gear; we looked at it all, securitex, firedex, globe, morning pride, etc.

    The biggest thing to keep in mind is this: What is the leading cause of firefighter deaths besides auto accidents? HEART ATTACKS!! Friend of mine had heart attack on duty and really got into studying all of this stuff and found that majority(cant remember exact percentage) of FF's who died of heart attack on duty; had already suffered one prior.
    On duty includes at home after shift and/or after call for POC's.

    I mention this becuase our focus was not so much as TPL but the THL. Let's face it; PBI is PBI becuase there are only so many mills that produce the fabric.

    no matter what you choose spend a fair amount of time talking with the rep to develop the best mix of both.

    We settled on Globe Extreme-30 sets through grant and just purchased another 10 sets for new recruits.
    The input from our personnel has been positive and in fact no one has complained about it at all.

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