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    Default Elevator Rescue

    I have to teach a basic class on Elevator rescue. We have approx. 10- 3 story buildings in our community. So just the basics of prying the doors open and getting people out. Any power point or video's would help. I know alot of you think this is pretty minor but when you or nobody on your dept. has never done it, you don't want to stand there thinking you know what your doing, but you don't. So any info would help. Thank you.
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    Your best bet would be to get a rep. from the company thats services the elevators they would be more than glad to go over what to do in case of an emergency (plus they would show you how to enter without damaging the car or doors).
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    Default elevators

    definitely get an elevator rep , my rescue runs an average of 5 elevators a day and we almost never have to pry a door(twice in two years) just remember to kill the power before you remove any victim..

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    Default Call the Reps!!!

    Call the much can go wrong if you don't know what your doing. I have had two courses taught by the governing body here in Canada which is the Technical Safety Standards Association which looks after lifting devices,amusement park rides. They will not even do a train the trainer course. They have their inspectors teach the course and cover every aspect related to cable and hydraulic elevators using procedures involving other elevator cars, resets,drop keys, wire hooks.

    There is a committee with represention by firefighters that meet and apply suggestions to the elevator industry and legislation. They maybe able to provide you information.

    If you want I maybe able to get you a contact.

    I don't know your policy or guideline, but we wait 90 minutes before entry unless extreme heat or a medical emergency exist, we establish a elevator technician is enroute, we can leave the person(s) with a competent person,if not we intervene. The safest place for your victims is in the elevator car!!

    Before you attempt anything get information from the industry or agencies what you think maybe right could result in tragedy (ie).. Yes ,cutting the power is an excellent safety procedure for both the victim(s) , and you gain control of the elevator,however for your information and taught in the course make sure the brake is set and the car is not yo-yoing up and down, by cutting the power there is nothing to stop the car the brake is not set and it's the motor that is stopping the car which is actually reversing direction, by cutting the power the counter weight takes over..... things get ugly!!!

    Hope this helps and if I can get contacts for you let me know!!!!

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