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    Question NREMT's in FL

    Ok, thought i would bring some conversation to the group.

    How many EMT's in the state took a local EMT course and now have to test with the NREMT and the state? I am a NREMT military and been working in FL for over 10 years, but wanted to work on the buses (ambulances) but have to get my FL state EMT. Seems in my quest to find into, I found out that the state of FL test is the NREMT exam for EMT's. Kinda a backwards way of doing things, but just trying to find anyone in the same boat?

    Lt Chuck

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    You've got it. It is very backwards, and Even though you have your NREMT. You will still be required to take FL exam, which is the NREMT exam...

    In Florida everything is a big money game. They love to milk underpaid public safety people of what little money they have. Heck this is one of the only states I know, that you have to pay for training. And odds are you will never be re-imbursed. I love how they want us all highly trained, but don't want to foot the bill.

    Sorry if I ranted. I am just peeved that we let this State bilk us of money... it's just wrong all around.

    Another thing is the Community Colleges have the EMT/Parmedic training market cornered. In Maryland you could get trained by anyone who was a trainer, or a department that was hosting the training. I have to say it might be getting better, as our department is putting on it's first Paramedic Program.

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