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    Default Anyone attend FCTI or work in St.Johns county?

    I am looking for any info from someone who has gone to FCTI in St. Augustine, or anyone that has worked or is working for St.Johns county. I have serveral questions posted in the probie section and here they are:

    I have several questions specifically about the area.
    1. Does the county pull from FCTI?
    2. What is the physical agility test actually like for the school?
    3. Is there a polygraph test if you become a candidate for hiring?
    5. Is there a forum or message board that is related to the county?
    6. Are there any other FF websites that have forums like this one? (Obviously anyone can answer thisaone.)
    7. I understand it is better to have your paramedic, but can you get on with just an EMT and then gain your Paramedic afterward?
    8. How and where do you get EMT/Paramedic certified?

    Sorry about all the questions, but I don't personally know anyone that has gone through it. Thanks in advance to anyone that answer any of these questions for me. I can't wait to get started any advice on this route, the FCTI and then hopefully get hired on in St.John route that is, will be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Sometimes they do pull from FCTI, usually if you get a good rap from there, and you test, you will get hired.

    2. The physical agility is a piece of cake, as long as you are in some kinda shape, not much though. If i remember right, here's how it goes: First you have a 45 pound vest on. Carry a 3" hose up to the third or forth floor. Then pull a 2.5" hose up to that floor via rope out the window. Then pick the 3" hose back up carry it to the ground. Hit the weighted sled for appox. 4 feet. Raise a 24' ladder. Pick up a Hurst Speaders and touch it to 4 different spots on a wall. Climb a 24' ladder. Pull a 150' section of charged 1.75" hose. Then craw though a 100' pipe. I think that's it.

    3. No.

    5. No.

    6. thewatchdesk.com

    7. As long as you have you EMT you can get hired. That's what alot of people do, and then they get their Paramedic. But having you Paramedic would help you alot.

    8. You can take the EMT or Paramedic class at FCTI. Give them a call for more information on the classes.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


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