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    Default Need Help: Service Award

    Our former chief of a small volunteer department just retired, he has been in the department for 15 years and chief for 9. We are looking for some kind of recognition plaque, award, etc.

    Also, We want to get a display for his helmet.

    Any ideas? Thank You in advance.

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    We have done a couple of Retiring Chief awards in recent years. One was for a 10-year Chief who wasn't a big plaque guy, so we had a brass shield made with his name, department name, and years of service to affix to the front of his helmet.

    The second was for a 10 year member, and four-year Chief who was moving to NZ right before I took over. For him we purchased a parade axe and had the handle engraved with his name, department name, and years of service.

    Both were very well received.
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    This place might be able to help...


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