Join us for…


Township 7 VFD
Saturday April 8th


Join us for an intensive day of advanced auto extrication training! This continuing education offering will provide the opportunity to learn some of the latest and most effective techniques for auto extrication. Also, the opportunity will be available to see and use some of the latest tools such as a metal cutting circular saw, buttress stabilization system, and special recip saw blades.

The featured presenter will be Billy Leach, Jr. Billy has presented at the International Vehicle Extrication Learning Symposium, FDNY’s Technical Rescue School, Firehouse Magazine’s Firehouse Expo, and many other venues.

You will learn such techniques as: Sideresting and Inverted Vehicle Stabilization, 4 Door Ripper, Pickup Truck Slice, Inverted Floorboard Flip, Simo Roof/Windshield Removal, Inverted Roof Removal, Sideresting Lift, and lots more.

You’ll need to furnish full PPE, including helmet, safety glasses/goggles, full length protective clothing, gloves, and impact resistant toecap footgear.

Rather than sit in a classroom, join us for an all day hands-on training session. Participate in time vs. motion training, and see the practical application of techniques you’ve not seen before.

Develop new skills by actually practicing them on site rather than on-the-job. Offer your patients a better chance for survival by decreasing extrication time. Learn the “Three Modalities of Death” and why ALS may not be sufficient.

Don’t miss this opportunity! You must pre-register by contacting Mr. Bob Bordeaux at Craven Community College email