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    Default Over 1,000 911 Calls From the Same Address

    Another article stated this bozo was calling in fires, shootings, and accidents. He would log who responded and check response times.
    Buffalo, NY: Fake calls to 911 spur request for voice tests

    15th Street family facing eviction threat

    News Staff Reporter

    Prosecutors want a voice analysis of Juan Merced.

    Erie County prosecutors are seeking the court-ordered voice testing of the patriarch of a 15th Street family whose home has been the scene of roughly 1,000 fake 911 calls this year.

    In what court sources predict could be a similar effort involving all 11 members of the family, City Judge James A.W. McLeod will conduct a hearing Wednesday on the prosecution bid for voice testing of Juan Merced, 49.

    Michael L. McCabe, chief of the Erie County district attorney's Arson Bureau, is seeking the voice testing.

    McCabe's request comes as City Housing Judge Henry J. Nowak ordered the Merceds to correct more than a dozen safety violations or move out of their home at 78 15th St. by Friday.

    McCabe declined to comment when contacted Monday by The Buffalo News. Neither Merced nor his attorney, Ayoka A. Tucker, could be reached to comment about the latest turn of events in the case. The fake 911 calls reportedly continued through all of last week.

    Merced and his wife, Felicita Santiago-Merced, 42, face a March 23 trial before McLeod on misdemeanor charges linked to their alleged failure to properly supervise their nine children.

    McCabe is heading an ongoing probe of all the fake 911 calls, which reportedly have come from at least 19 cellular telephones. No one has yet been charged with any criminal offenses for the calls.

    Friday, Chief Robert J. Stasio of the Buffalo Fire Prevention Bureau labeled the dwelling "a fire trap." Stasio's assessment came after he inspected the Merced home with a city building inspector following another fake 911 call about an electrical fire there.

    As a result of the Stasio inspection, Nowak ordered the Merceds either to quickly repair the problems or move out by Friday.

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    Juan Merced should be handed a bill totalling the dollar amount of all the fake 911 responses.
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    Talking knife

    Maybe we should hand the guy a knife from the previous post about the guy who cut his thing off and this guy could cut his off since he has 9 kids he and the wife can't seem to properly care for. I also agree with Capt. Gonzo about handing the guy a bill to pay or face time for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainGonzo
    Juan Merced should be handed a bill totalling the dollar amount of all the fake 911 responses.
    ...and any damages to anyone that received a delayed response to their real 911 calls because of his BS.
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    This has been in our news for the past week. Should be interesting to see how it turns out. Family has denied everything (obviously) up to this point, "someone else" is making the calls. Reportedly, of the 19 phones that have been used to make the calls, some of those used were found by investigators to be owned by the family. Hmmmmmmmm.

    From a previous article....

    "According to Stasio, at least a dozen electrical safety violations were found at the home, including extension cords running under carpets, exposed wiring, electrical boxes with exposed wires, an improperly installed hot water tank and wiring that had been tampered with.

    "We also found that the gas has been shut off, and they're using portable electrical heaters as their primary heating source, which is illegal," Stasio said.

    "There was also one smoke detector in the entire building, and that was not working," Stasio said. "There should be a smoke detector inside and outside of every bedroom on every level."
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    Live like animals, act like animals... 1000 911 calls @ an average of $200 per call= $200,000. But if they cant fix their own house, might be hard collecting the money.. 2-3 yrs in jail might be nice too. dirtbags!

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