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    Default Pierce -vs- Ferrara

    If anyone has any information on this topic please help me out....my fire department is undesided on the Pierce Arrow XT and the Ferrara Ignitor....if anyone has information good or bad on either truck please let me know....thanks SAM

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    Default worms

    Here we go again with another my brand is better then your brand bout. Sorry but you need to read all the other threads here. Is it spec'd the way you want, does it fit your budget, can you get good service from the dealer or manufacturer, check the warranty and then get whichever one you want. Everyone built has or had problems.

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    I think you're looking at two pretty different products deigned for two markets. The Arrow XT is a ruggedized, higher end model, while the Igniter is Ferrara's mid-grade option below the Inferno and above their badge engineered products (the Invader and Intruder).

    I'd think the Saber or Enforcer would more closely match the Igniter in specs. For example, the Igniter is limited in engine choices to 350 hp or so, while the two Pierce products I mentioned were available up to 400 horse. I'm sure both the Ferrara or Pierce folks could tell you which products in their chassis lines compete "head-to-head."

    My guess is that you could look at the Inferno or Ultra as a comparable chassis selection to the Arrow XT.

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