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    Exclamation LDH compliance

    Appling for LDH and related appliances. When going through the application it asks if it meets mandtory standards and voluntary. I checked NFPA 1142 and it really doesn't say. So do I just say "NO"?

    We have a county guideline that suggests everyone to standardize to 5". Does this have any value or a place to put it.

    In regards to firefighter safety just go on about how important water supply is?

    In regards to wildland, technically it would be used to fill tanker/tenders. Would I open up a bag of monkeys?

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    Default Higher Flow

    I am not sure on compliance, but my dept. wrote to outfit several trucks with LDH. However, to avoid it looking like a "shopping cart" we were able to make it look like a functional package deal. It is very hard to write for adapters/wrenches and small accessories, but we said we needed to increase our ability to flow more GPM on recently added complexes. We stated that we had a sudden burst of appartments/industy, and were very successful selling the "package deal". If the reader can view it working to help your dept., and not just throwing money out the window it can work. We recieved LDH for 5 apparatus, 30+ 200gpm pistol grip nozzles, and 14 rapid attack moniters to outfit our entire fleet. If that doesn't sound like a shopping cart than I don't know what does. It worked though and we just recieved our shipment of 500gpm Rapid Attack Moniters. Maybe this will help you get an idea on how to package it, but sorry about the compliance issue I just am not sure.

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    rm, that's not a shopping list because all items asked for had one purpose: adequate fireground water supply and flow.

    If you threw in a TIC, saws, or something like that, then it would have been a list.

    roto - 1142 is the one you want, but also mention the county recommendations since they speak to interoperability.

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