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    Default Potential Stupid Question!!!


    We have a 2004 Freightliner Business Class M2 as our main pumper. Well yesterday driving it to a field fire I noticed the Tractor ABS light was on....

    Does anyone know what Tractor ABS is (I anticipate it has something to do with the brakes but I figured someone would know in here.)


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    As with any vehicle that has warning bells, lights or sensors, when they "go off" its time to take it back to the shop and be checked out.
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    Default Could be a loss in air pressure

    in the lines. But, still have it checked.
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    I'm sure it's an anti-lock brake indicator. Ours (2003 model) comes on when you start the truck, but it should go out after about 30 seconds. Have a Freightliner service department check it out if it stays on.

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    Default abs

    Antilock Brake System. Could be a wheel sensor problem or the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) ( brain box) or even some pinched or other wiring problem. Wheel sensors should be visible and I have used a soft mallet to tap them to see that they are close enough to the wheel ring. Wiring can usually be vision checked for pinched, chafed and sometimes leftover material such as metal shavings and screws not having penetrated the wiring.After that its back to the dealer unless you have the electronic readers to do the diagnosis. If you have the books and it has a blink code system that is also an option. Confusing huh?

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    Take it in for service. ABS defaults off, so odds are you have no ABS.
    Not that big of a problem but it should go in.

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    Frieghtliners, Internationals, GMC, Chevy's and Fords are not designed to suit our purpose. Well actually ford is and always has been the leading in ambulance and light duty rescues. But for our Engines, Rescues and Ladders.. They have no business being in the service. Ther to complicated and arent of good quality..

    But i would go and have it checked at the local dealer.. Thats the only good thing about these types of rigs, there are more of there dealers with shops, than say Eone, Seagrave, Pierce.

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