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    ‘It Could Happen Tomorrow’: San Diego-Area Wildfire Review: Airing Sunday evening, the San Diego-area wildfire episode of “It Could Happen Tomorrow” takes a look at the destruction a massive wildfire would cause if it were to rage from 30 miles east of San Diego all the way to the affluent La Jolla and the Pacific Ocean within 36 hours.

    The episode includes interviews with residents who mention their greater fear of a tsunami than wildfires, but the show uses footage from 2003 to show that a wildfire could prove more destructive. In the fall of 2003, a wildfire burned to within 10 miles of San Diego, and destroyed thousands of homes before winds from the southeast shifted.

    The show suggests “it could happen tomorrow” if those Santa Ana winds persist for a few days, and explains the amount of evacuation time residents would have. Focusing on the Scripps Ranch and La Jolla subdivisions, the episode also offers plenty of wildfire video from recent years and commentary from experts.

    As many know, the Texas Panhandle has just experienced wildfires that have left an area the size of Delaware charred. It seems inevitable that, one day, a wildfire could enter a major U.S. city.

    In this year of drought and wildfires from the Southwest to the East Coast, the episode offers useful information. One tip: Don’t go for the garden hose, hoist yourself up on the roof and play firefighter. As one expert noted, he doesn’t know of any home that’s more valuable than a life.

    March 19, at 9:30 p.m. EST on The Weather Channel

    Did any one get the chance to watch that episode!I did!

    Makes you realize who is really in charge!

    Mother Nature!
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