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    Default A seat belt is a seat belt...or is it?

    Anybody know whether it is truthful to answer "no" to the seat belt question on the app if the truck to be replaced has only lap belts? Or do we have to say yes if it has any kind of seat belts?
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    Any seat belt is a yes, but explain that they are lap only in the narrative. Shoulder & lap didn't come about for a long time (10-15 years ago?) in the rear crew seats, just the front so the back seats as lap only won't count for much in making an unsafe argument.

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    It helps if at some point a "helpful" mechanically "dis"-inclined member removed them and didn't put them back. Used one bolt to mount a wire holder thingie. <rolling eyes>

    They're "not there" anymore so the truck does not have them.

    A couple of bolts. About 5 min work.

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