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    Default FD interested in billing for runs

    My Vol FD is looking at starting to bill for responses. We are not sure what the best way to do this is. Any suggestions?

    A company that does this professionally? (Any names to look into)
    Do it ourselves (All Vol. +1 PT Chief)

    How do you figure the rates?
    What types of calls do you bill for and not bill for?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    This is a touchy subject in some places. First off check your state statues, you may not legally be able to bill for services. Are you a membership department or tax based? If you are tax based there is a good chance that you will not be able to bill for services. Here in Missouri our maximum billing rates for membership departments are set by State Legislation. We are allowed to bill non-members the following.

    (1) One hundred dollars for responding to an emergency;

    (2) Five hundred dollars for each hour or a proportional sum for each quarter hour spent in providing emergency services; plus

    (3) An amount equal to one year's subscription or membership fees. No property owner or individual shall be liable for fees or charges under this subsection if said property owner or individual notifies the volunteer fire protection association in writing, prior to the occurrence of an emergency, not to respond to an emergency on or involving his property.

    IACOJ and proud of it

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    We looked into it some... billing non-residents... our board finally decided against it... not sure why.

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    Default Nothing New

    Itís common practice around here. Most departments do their own billing. Search the forums. Iím sure weíve discussed the proís and conís to great length.

    Before you start sending the invoices, make sure the legal stuff is in place. Most local governments have some form of ďCost Recovery OrdinanceĒ that allows billing.

    We bill $150.00 per truck plus incidentals such as foam, excavators, etc.
    Invoicing is our department treasurerís duty.
    Donít plan on collecting everything you bill. Some departments place liens on real property but itís tough chasing down someone from out of state on traffic crashes.

    Stay Safe

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    Good luck - when I was in MASS and RI the FD's thought they would have the cash flowing in from EMS runs ! Guess what?? It didn't work - one paid millions in fines and the other spent more on the billing company than came in at the end of the year - you know all those "self pays".

    Its a loss - almost always- FD's should not be getting into it for the money - but to enhance the srevices they provide.

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    My department bills out for some calls, The billing is upto the Cheif. On average we bill out for about 20-30% of calls. The calls that usualy get billed are the ones where Water is used or Extrication is performed or we are doing traffic control for more than 20 minutes. Also for False Fire alarms after the 4th alarm of the year. Used to be every other week we would be sent for a fire alarm at some places. After your 4th false fire alarm you get a bill for the $420 dosn't matter if we was there only 5 minutes for that call or not. Helped out alot on False Fire calls now people will have there alarms fixed vs getting a bill from us.

    our billing breaks down as follows more or less, $420 a hour, Plus Mileage "$2.25 per Mile" on all the trucks and Materials used, Oil dry, Foam, Water etc.

    Extrication is $420 and for traffic control it is $200 a hour.

    prices based upon 42 members and $10.00 an hour for pay

    hope that helps you out some.

    sublime out

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