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    Default Installing Smoke Detectors

    Do any of your departments offer free smoke detectors and then installs those smoke detectors?

    If so, do you have any concerns about liability and how do you address those concerns?

    Do you also hand out any literature?


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    Yes... to low income & elderly... but have never refused anyone




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    Ditto here.

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    Its a good program, as long as the FD doesnt violate fire codes. I mention this because a local department here has been putting battery detectors into apartments which by code, are supposed to be hard wired, and should be supplied complexe wide by the property owner.
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    Yes, we offer smoke detectors to the general public. Our installations are mostly the elderly and low income. We require all occupants sign a standard waiver releasing the department of any liability claims. We also pass out literature on general detector upkeep, battery replacement, etc.

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    Each Co. has them at the station and on there trucks. We give them out to anyone. Dew to the large amount of fire deaths in are town, we get grants for the smoke detectors. Are dept. hopes to have the hole city covered. We have had about 5 fire deaths a year. So fire prevention and safety is a big thing here. Are state leads the way in fire death. Not something were proud of.

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    We offer smoke detectors to any residential occupancy. With the exception of appartments, due to fire code issues. We have the occupant sign a waiver of liability. Our personnel will install the detector and assure it is working. We will not remove an old detector, we will change batteries. Most of the batteries and detectors are donated through Wal-Mart. We hand out approx 75-100 detectors a year and about 30-40 batteries a year. This is an every year donation for the local store.

    We also have personnel that have gone to special child safety seat installation classes. Through state grants we have been able to obtain funding to buy car seats and we give them out to our customers. It has been a very big PR operation for our organization. We have given away 400(approx) child safety seats in the last 2 years. Some of the local banks have offered to fund the program when the grant expires. The public loves this program and our personnel that are doing the installs love it as well.

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