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    Default Professional FF's of Massachusetts Endorse Tom Riley

    Does anyone else think this guy is such a loser? Do you think the PFFM really likes him or they just saw no better option? Is it the PFFM delegates that endorse these guys and if so are they a bunch of "Kool-Aid" drinkers?

    His stance on affirmative action and in-state tuition for illegal aliens is enough to make all the guys in my firehouse sick.

    It would be nice if we started endorsing some candidates that win once in a while.

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    I'm from NH and last election the PFFNH, endorsed Craig Benson for govenor, and our local was confused. Republicans are historically anti-union anti-labor Pro-management ect... , However the PFFNH president stated when they select a canidate to endorse it is based soley on there commitment to the professional fire service, and their history of voting on issue's pertaining to the professional fire service. This ideology creates a entirely bi-partisan view on elections. I think that it is a "screwy" way of selecting a canidate because of ignoring other issues, but understandable. This causes us union FF's to sometimes decide if work issues are more important than other personal ones.
    I would suggest contacting your DVP to explain why they endorsed this canidate.

    Take Care

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