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    Default Getting Civilian FF Job After Military Service

    States like Florida require getting FF I & 2 through one of their state programs. Does that mean we have to retake FF I & II even if we get the FF I & II certificates at the DoD Academy?

    Anybody know it works in different states?

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    go to Florida's state page and go to the fire services part...it explains everything...baically...you CAN use your certifications because theyre IFSAC BUT you have to go through a LONG process that they use to make sure your certifications have the same criteria as heir school and then you also have to take a pracical test.....its pretty gay...but doable

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    I've been throught the process and its very tricky! You have to challenge the entire process. Youll do a written test and a pratical too.... the examiners are by the book and lookin' to ding you ( at least it feels that way ). If you notice my screen name... I dont live in Florida! If you have any questions shoot me a line....


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