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    Default CPAT - What Should I Eat Before I Do It.

    Hey Guys,

    I have the CPAT coming up in a couple of weeks and was just wondering what I should eat before I do it.



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    A light breakfast with some carbohydrates will serve you well the morning of. Carbohydrates are the body's fuel, so you don't want to miss out on them. Bananas are great, as they give your body an extra boost of potassium that can prevent cramping. Lots of water, especially the night before. Good luck!

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    Lots of water the day/ night before... don't drink alot of soda or caffeine for a couple days... it'll all wear you out. Just eat something light that will carry you through... or eat a couple hours before and bring some sort of "meal bar" to eat about a half hour before. Snickers Marathon bars are half decent for enough energy to get you through the 15-20 minutes worth of work.

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    Drink a lot of water for a few days before.

    Coffee... that really makes some people's blood pressure and heart rate go up very high. Don't drink any. Make sure you get enough sleep so you won't need it to wake up. Do drink something warm in the morning, though, as you'll feel lighter, faster and better with empty lower GI tract. Get up plenty early so you are wide awake, and have time to get yourself ready.

    Allergy meds... for many they have the same effect as coffee, so avoid them. To avoid any problems with that type of thing, drink 3-4 glasses of lemon (a quarter of a lemon squeezed in each) water today. This will cut the sniffles like nothing else. Also avoid any dairy products AT ALL today. (They increase mucus production in most people)

    Get up in the morning, and eat some fruit (an apple or a pear) and 2-4 hardboiled egg whites. Only eat a banana if you are coupling it with the egg whites- not alone. Eat a piece of fruit (same) an hour later. If your test is in the morning, you can eat fruit every hour, but stop at least an hour before your test. If it is in the afternoon, have a light lunch- low fat. Give yourself at least an hour to digest it.

    You'll be fine. You've trained hard (sometimes too hard) and you are prepared. Read through the station summaries on my site, and get your head set about each one.

    Visualize yourself doing the whole thing, over and over, every step of the way... all the way to the finish where you have over a minute to spare. Remember, you need to move on to each step as if you've done it dozens of times, no hesitation.

    Dr. Jen
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