I was sitting around the kitchen table listening to the firefighters talk about the candidates who have been coming around the stations preparing for their interviews. After listening for a while, one of the Engineers had an interesting observation.

He stated that these candidates come by the station to learn how to take an interview when in reality they should be fine tuning their presentation. It was their belief that there is no way a candidate is going to learn to take an interview in two week crash course in preparation for what they consider to be the most important interview of their life.

Ladies and gentlemen, this needs to be a long-term commitment. You should be reading everything you can about interviews and doing mock interviews AT LEAST twice a month. If you are not, you will continue to struggle.

What most people do when they learn they have an interview is scramble, drop everything and have a crash course in interviews. We donít work that way on the fire department. Everything we do in the fire service is about preparation and contingency plans. You need to start NOW, not when you get notified for that all-important interview.

Your visit to the fire station should be to fine tune, not to make wholesale changes in your delivery.
Good luck, we want you to succeed!

Paul Lepore
Battalion Chief