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    We have not taught this in a while. I agree with other post that it should be taught as an option. We should give our firefighters all the options possible. We usually use a spreader in a dash lift.
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    In the last few years, had a car go head into a tree at estimated 70mph. Tree planted itself firmly against the firewall, dead center of car. Dash would not move. Pulled steering column. Also had a car get pressed into a train gate post (amazed how strong they are) by a train. Pole pushed into firewall. Again, dash would not roll/lift. Pulled steering column.

    It's a very viable option. I'd suggest going to junk yards and pulling some to see what really happens. Remember, you only need to pull enough to get the person free.
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    Not sure how Fairfax County does things regarding vehicle extrications, because I am not that far along in my training, but we were still teaching steering wheel pulls at Malahat. But there was a condition that was always considered first:

    1) does it have tilt or telescoping steering? If it did, we didn't.

    HOWEVER.... I got my hands on the April edition of Firehouse Magazine and read Ron Moore's article on driver side down steering pulls.

    I thought it was a great article, but I still have reservations (or maybe questions?) regarding. Those reservations are the same as have been pointed out, pertaining to tilt/telescoping steering. In his article, Ron indicates that in order to make it effective, you have to wrap the chain below the knuckle joint. This sounds like a pretty smart point to make, but I just happen to be riding in a Dodge Durango, and from the backseat when I looked in on the drivers compartment and saw all the moulding etc around the steering I started to wonder.

    Given that the veh is on its side, pushing the seat back to make room for pulling and prying the dash moulding was not going to be easy. Especially with the pt's legs and whever else that may have fallen down on the driver. Of course this just made me want to try the exercise all the more, but as I said at the beginning, I am not in a position (my station does not do auto extrications or veh rescue) to play as I am accustomed to.

    I am very interested in seeing photos of this being done in the field with a real event. Or at least a detailed commentary of what happened and how it worked, given the addition of a live pt.
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