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    Default Seating assignments for MVA/MVC

    Does anyone has seating assignments responding to these types of incidents? Trying to create one for many department. Does anyone have it broken down into companies, e.i. rescue, engine, truck. Any help appreciated.
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    Whoever shows up to ride the engine, does whatever needs to be done

    Seriously though, there might only be 2-3 people on the engine in the daytime. We all share in the tasks.

    If we happen to have a full crew w/ officer, then the officer will assign tasks to the four jumpseats on the way, assuming that there is injuries/rescue involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loxfire16
    Does anyone has seating assignments responding to these types of incidents? Trying to create one for many department. Does anyone have it broken down into companies, e.i. rescue, engine, truck. Any help appreciated.

    I'm a fan of this assignment for a 4 man ladder, or heavy squad.

    Officer does the size-up and puts together the game plan. The officer monitors and directs his company's tactics.

    Driver's responsible for laying out and setting up the tools.

    Firefighter behind the driver takes care of stabilizing the vehicle.

    Firefighter behind the officer is the primary tool operator.

    Once the firefighter responsible for stabilization takes care of their duties, they assist with a second tool if needed.

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    In my area we do not get a ladder on MVA's, since their is not one in the area. we get two rescue engine. Also the officer can call for a heavy squad if he sees fit. Riding assignments are as followed

    First arriving medic-
    AIC- triage car one
    Driver- triage car two (if mulitple cars), help AIC

    First arriving Engine-
    Driver- Traffic Control
    Officer- Scene size up
    FF behind officer- Stablize vehical and leaks/Batteries
    FF Behind Driver- Primary tool operator

    2nd. Engine- dircected by command to help out where it is needed
    Primary function is to block the scene with the engine

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    Seat assingments need to fit your company. You can use other companies ideas, but ultimately, you need to find your own. No point to usuing anothers who has the FF behind driver stabilizing the vehicle if your stabilization equipment is on the other side of the truck.
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    1st Engine: Captain-Scene size up as initial IC; Engineer-if MCI/MVI with entrapment, he pulls a 1 3/4 foam line for crew/victim protection; 2 FFs begin triaging patients as additional resources arrive. Our secondary resources will arrive within 3 minutes in our city.
    1st Truck: Captain-Size up of vehicle or vehicles extrication/Safety; Engineer brings the appropriate tools; 1 FF to stabilize vehicle, unless difficult stabilization requires more; 1 FF to start generator/Hurst to power tools; after vehicle stabilized, the interior of vehicle is "stripped" by FF to expose air bag cylinders and belt tensioners, as much as possible depending on damage to vehicle. Engineer and FFs work to extricate victim(s) with appropriate tools.
    1st Rescue (Paramedic/FFs at our FD)-Driver is Triage unit leader; Passenger is Medical Communications.
    2nd Engine-Assists with whatever is needed, may be triaging, removing victims or help truck.
    2nd Truck-Assists 1st truck with extrication, as needed
    Depending on size of incident, more resources may be called.

    This is how we typically run a MCI/MVI in Los Angeles County. This scenario assumed multiple victims who need to be extricated. Our FDs do both paramedic and fire services, dual function. In addition to above, the first engine and truck place their apparatus to protect the FFs on scene. We run our MVI/MCI operations based on the ICS or IMS.

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    This is a run card we use. Maybe it can help, but things have been known to change.
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