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    Post Stock/Demo Apparatus

    Are there any fire departments out there that have purchased a demo-or-stock fire truck . It is my understanding that the cost savings is about 10% less than buying a new apparatus. please post your pro's & con's on this forum!!!...Most of these stock/demo trucks are on the line at a apparatus builder or at a trade show offered as a demo, with maybe 3000-6500 miles on them. And when the truck is purchased by a fire department the warrenty is 1 year bumper-to-bumper just like a brand new apparatus!
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    We purchased one about 18 months ago. The things we didn't like was the fact it came completely striped, no shelves, no airpack brackets, no electrical cord reel, and naturally the truck was bought as is. Buy the time it was put in service we might have been able to spec one for about the same price.

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    I think it depends on who you buy the program truck from. Sure, you can get one without any shelves. The program trucks we sell have the options for certain body styles, foam systems, shelves, pump brand, roll-out trays, hose dividers, etc. The savings is that everything is pre-engineered, and because the chassis (as well as the pumps, water tanks, etc.) are in stock the build time is quicker. There is no re-inventing the wheel here.

    It just depends on what you want. There is the chance with a program rig that if you special option a number of different things, you'll end up being more expensive than if you started from scratch. A good salesman will help you through that process.

    Pros: Quick delivery, established engineering on the body (lots of them built, so they've figured out how to do them with little fuss), lower cost.

    Cons: Limited options, "special" options can get expensive, non-custom body, etc.

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