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    Default Confused about AFG narrative

    I keep reading the online tutorial, and I am confused over one point. Five questions apparently need to be addressed in the narrative, including

    1) Description of Planned Project
    2) Description of financial need of organization
    3) Itemized cost of items
    4). Benefits to the Fire Department community and organization from the expenditure of the grant funds.
    5). How the grant will enhance daily operations and will positively impact the department's ability to protect life and property.

    What is the difference between 4 and 5???

    I find it easier to break the narrative down into answers. I saw another post on another thread that combined 4 and 5 into one answer.

    Does anyone have recomendations?

    Thank you!

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    Usually in my experience the itemized budget is included in the project description. As you explain what you will do with this project you should explain exactly how much money you are requesting and what it will be used for. These should not be two seperate sections but rather naturally intigrated into the description of your project.

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    To start with celsokid is correct in where the budget goes. It's part of the project description and not a seperate catergory.

    In regards to the benefits and daily operations it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the two. Hopefully this explanation will help.

    When you are looking at the Cost/Benefit section you want to describe the cost vs. benefits in regards to firefighter safety. Costs would be the physical costs of the project and costs associated with not doing it: increased injuries, delayed response, increased department costs, future price increases etc. The benefits would be the positves of the project: memebers training on the same identical equipment, safer work environment, reduced costs etc. The point is to show that your project benefits outweigh the costs.

    When you are looking at the daily operations you want to address how the project will be used. For ex. we were funded for a brush truck last year. This is how I addressed this question:

    1) Used for outside fires
    2) Medical calls in off road areas
    3) Tow various trailers
    4) Winter months, skid pump removed, used as a utility vehicle
    5) Used for snowstorms to respond to medicals when additional personnel are hired.
    6) Mutual aid: described our obligations

    Hopefully, this clears up some of the confusion.

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    Thanks guys!!!! That helps a great deal. I'll still take any more ideas if anyone else has more suggestions. Thanks again!

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    Look at slides 59-66 from the DHS powerpoint. They detail the bullet points desired in each section. In other words, that's what the scoresheet looks like.

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