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    Default Engine vs train with civillians on board!

    Four Survive Firetruck, Train Collision
    Fire Engine Is Total Loss

    POSTED: 6:43 am MST March 26, 2006
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    NEW CASTLE, Colo. -- Four people, including a 3-year-old boy, survivied after the fire truck they were in was struck twice by a freight train Saturday.

    Fire truck driver Austin Coryell, a volunteer firefighter of the Burning Mountains Fire Protection District, was cited for careless driving, the State Patrol said. He was on a training drive at the time, said Fire Chief Brit McLin.

    McLin said he gave permission to Coryell, who has been a firefighter for about six months, to take along three other people -- a couple and their three-year-old son.

    Coryell was crossing a railroad track just as a train was heading down it. The State Patrol said the investigation indicated Coryell was trying to beat the train at the crossing, but McLin disagreed.

    "He said he thought the signal might be broken and he did not see the train until its air horn went off," McLin said.

    The State Patrol said lights and bells at the crossing appeared to be functioning properly.

    Troopers said the lead locomotive clipped the rear of the fire engine, causing it to spin. The train then struck the engine, which slid down an embankment into a ditch and struck a power pole.

    All four people in the fire engine survived the crash without injury. The fire engine, however, was a total loss.

    McLin said Coryell would not be disciplined but said the firefighter was "devastated."

    "We are rescuers. We don't put people at risk. We aren't victims," he said. "He's one of us and he'll stay one of us."

    No drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident.

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    This doesn't sound good to me. A firefighter for 6 months taking others on a training ride?? Hope the district has mega insurance. Sounds like a lawsuit in the making.

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    I'm amazed no one was hurt!

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    I'm surprised after being a member for only 6 months he is able to drive. Especially with civilians on board. And for a training run by himself? No officers or other qualified drivers? Sounds fishy...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firetacoma1
    McLin said he gave permission to Coryell, who has been a firefighter for about six months, to take along three other people -- a couple and their three-year-old son.
    At least I'm not that only one that finds something extremely wrong about this. Forget the fact that he tried to cut off a 200 ton train with a 20 ton truck. Accidents happen. But this whole driving people around for fun and only be a member for 6 months to boot... something ain't right here.
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