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    Default That's it, I'm slapping a lien on a fire truck...

    Just an interesting story...

    BTW...what doesn't conveyed here, is on TV the attorney knows his antics are more or less tounge-in-cheek, mainly aimed at embarassing the city's bumbling than honestly expecting to foreclose...

    Attorney Threatens Lien On Firetruck
    March 28, 2006
    By MATT BURGARD, Courant Staff Writer A lawyer who has been trying for more than two years to collect a judgment against the city of Hartford has already placed a lien against City Hall.

    Now, if the city doesn't follow a judge's order to pay up within 30 days, the lawyer may go after a firetruck.


    In a hearing at Superior Court in Hartford Monday, attorney Michael Georgetti said he's willing to go to any length to get his client, Juan A. Morales, the money he's still owed, even if it means putting a lien on some other piece of city property.

    At the hearing, Georgetti urged Judge Vanessa Bryant to find the city in contempt for failing to pay Morales the final $21,519.60 on a $227,000 settlement agreement that was reached in 2003 after the former police officer was cleared of charges that he had been loafing on the job.

    While Bryant stopped short of granting Georgetti's contempt motion, she warned city attorneys that if the debt isn't paid in full within 30 days, she may reconsider.

    John Rose, the city's corporation counsel, assured Bryant that he and Georgetti would iron out a final amount to be paid that will satisfy both sides within the 30-day deadline. But before offering his assurances, Rose engaged in an often testy exchange with the judge over the events that led up to Monday's hearing.

    In a moment of candor, Rose acknowledged that city officials assigned to handle the case apparently failed to properly compute the amount of pension money Morales should have been paid after being wrongfully forced from his job.

    Rose also acknowledged that, after Bryant in December 2005 ordered the city to pay, the city attorney handling the case failed to file an appeal.

    But, despite those failings, Rose said the city should not be forced to pay an incorrect amount, and went on to suggest that Bryant never gave the city a chance to fully present its case.

    "This case started out simplistically and since has gone to hell in a hand basket," he said. "If I am guilty of anything, it's that I didn't adequately supervise an associate who should have filed an appeal."

    The judge bristled at Rose's implication that she did not give the city a fair shake.

    "I resent any suggestion of procedural impropriety," said Bryant, who said the city's chance to argue for a new amount had long past. "Both sides were given unfettered opportunities to argue."

    However, because the city has been honestly struggling to determine the pension calculations and other financial considerations, Bryant found no convincing evidence that the city had willfully decided to refuse to pay Morales. The finding of willfulness would have been key to placing the city in contempt, which often comes with heavy daily fines.

    Morales, a 12-year veteran who was fired in 1995 after a grand jury accused him of loafing on the job, said he was not sure if the case had finally come to an end.

    "I guess we'll just have to wait another 30 days," he said.

    And if not, Georgetti said he would not stop short of going after a firetruck or two.

    "I'd rather not, of course," he said, "but I will if I have to."

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    Talking very interesting

    A cop with his own firetruck and one for the lawyer for his fees. Maybe the fire department could put a lien on the police chiefs car.

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