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    Default United 93

    This movie comes out soon, and from the looks of the previews it looks like it was done right....

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    I was looking at the website the other day. They have a link with info about the Flight 93 Memorial, but I have not seen anywhere wether or not they have pledged any proceeds towards it. Maybe I am just missing it right in front of my nose.

    I am a little iffy about watching it. It seems like it is just trying to make money of a tragedy. But it is no different then "Saving Private Ryan", that was a real War inspired by a real story. 9/11 just seems so recent.

    But I do like the aspect that they will focus on all passangers, not just the few that we have recordings off.

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    Default trailer

    just watched the trailer - i was in (and still am) in Manhattan on 9/11.
    lost some friends that day - very moving trailer -but remember the background script of the website - NEVER FORGET!!!!!

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    I am sure the liberals/anti-war groups will have a field day with the release of this movie. Give them more to bash the President and his policies (right or wrong)

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    So this is a different film than the one that was on A&E the other month, right?

    And Resq1, as a liberal, there's no room to use a piece like this film as political ammuninition. If done tastefully and respectfully, it can serve as a historical document we can learn from, not pass blame on. Not all liberals are cry-babies femi-nazis. Are all Republicans axe-welding oafs as you seem to be?
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    Wow, hope I'm not getting in the way of someone's political agenda by replying....

    I think from the trailer it is going to be lots better than what was on A&E the other night. This seems to actually have been based on facts and not drama to attract viewers.

    So far looks good, guess time will tell.
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