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    Default Thinkin' about Relocating .......

    I may have an opportunity to relocate to the Red Deer, AB area. I've been checking out a couple of departments in the area (Lacombe and Blackfalds). Anyone in these areas who can give a Sister some info regarding housing, community, schools, etc? Also, curious how far of a drive it is from either place to Red Deer.

    And if I do make the relocate I'll be needing a tour guide to help familiarize myself .......... any offers?

    Hopin' this venture goes the way I want it to. It's time to go "home" and be nearer to the family. The rock is starting to feel way too detached from everything and "trapped" is how I feel. Time to move on.......
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    Lacombe is about 15-20ish minutes from Red Deer. You can try Red Deer County fire department. Our current Chief in Wetaskiwin was the Chief there 5 years ago. Pretty good place. Another one of our members was on the Lacombe dept about 12 years ago, he said they're a good bunch of guys. Hope some of my info has helped.

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