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    Default Reduced bed height

    I was wondering if anyone had any pictures, CAD drawings, or specs for trucks that use "L" shaped tanks in order to lower the rear bed height. As well as details on how this affects the compartment space.

    If it happens to be a top mount pump, that would be even better .


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    I know some people have, shall we say, varying opinions of American LaFrance, but they do use a pretty interesting layout for their hosebeds, which places them down low like you are looking for. We have one and it's a fine truck. Also, the design of the hose bed allows a ladder compartment and a hard suction compartment to be placed on either side of the hose bed, which is very convenient and leaves the sides open for full height (rescue style) compartments. Very clean design. Check out this link and click "Click Here for CAD Drawings" on the lower left......

    As far as compartment space, it's excellent....so much so, in fact, that we moved all our hydraulic rescue tools to this truck...it easily carries a full set of Hurst tools, with accessories, cribbing, etc., as well as all the firefighting stuff it needs to carry. We were very pleased with the compartmentation.

    Ours is on a commercial cab (Freightliner), side mounted pump panel, but the back end is very similar to what is shown in the CAD drawing.

    American LaFrance Liberty Series
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    Just about any manufacturer can do it. E-One built some for Cincinnati. There are two .pdf drawings on their website:

    Cincinnati Drawing 1

    Cincinnati Drawing 2

    H & W is a Pacific NW builder that within the past 10 years has become extremely popular in the suburban Seattle area. They routinely build L shaped and even plain old square tanks with very low hosebeds.

    See the drawings and pictures below.

    Bothell Engine Drawing

    Look at Sutphen's website at the Shield brochures, they have L shaped tanks as well. I'm not sure of any other .pdf's floating around out there of other manufacturers, i.e. Pierce, Rosenbauer, KME, ALF, etc.

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