These incidents occurred in Reading during the last 2 months:

----020806: At 1651 hours box 47, 10th & Green streets, AOF 501 N.11th street. 3 story occupied multiple dwelling, fire 2nd floor rear apartment. Under control time was 1705. Companies assigned: E1,13,3,L3,T1,R1,M3,C-4 & 9,E12(safety Co.)
----020906: At 1905 hours box 641, 11th & Spring streets, AOF 909 Mulberry street. 2&1/2 story occupied MOR dwelling, fire 2nd floor. Under control was 1923. Companies assigned: E12,1,13,T1,R1,M2,C-2 & 8,E8(safety Co.)
----021306: At 1418 hours box 82, 3rd & Douglass streets, AOF 812 N.3rd street. 3 story occupied duplex multiple dwelling, gas explosion 1st floor apartment from a faulty gas fireplace. Incident placed under control at 1429 with moderate damage to the apartment. Companies assigned: E3,12,1,L1,R1,M3,C-2 & 8,E5(safety Co.).
----021606: ****FATALITY DURING MINOR JOB***** At 1323 hours box 232, 17th & Cotton streets, AOF 525 S.18th street. 2&1/2 story occupied EOR dwelling, fire in the kitchen. While attempting to extinguish a fire involving his kitchen, the elderly occupant suffered a fatal heart attack and 2 neighbors suffered smoke inhalation coming to his aid. Fire placed under control at 1336 with the 2 neighbors being transported to a local hospital. Companies assigned: Companies assigned: E13,5,8,T1,R1,M1,C-1,3 & 6. S/C: M3
----021806: At 2130 hours box 81, 2nd & Oley streets, AOF 106 Oley street. 3 story occupied MOR dwelling, fire 2nd floor rear. Under control time was 2203. Companies assigned: E11,3,8,L1,T1,R1,M1,C-5 & 7,E1(safety Co.)
----021906: 0251 hours a still dispatched for an alarm system at 532-34 Court street. Companies found light smoke inside the 3 story MOR commercial building, R-1 special called for thermal imager. Fire discovered in void spaces around chimney area, box 312 , 5th & Penn streets transmitted at 0302 hours. Companies had difficulty accessing the fire which was placed under control at 0456. Companies assigned: Still alarm: E3,T1,C-7. S/C: R-1. Box 312: E1,13,L1,M3,C-5,E5(safety Co.)
----***SAME DATE****. At 1834 hours box 242, 9th & Spruce streets, AOF 448 S.9th street. 2&1/2 story occupied MOR dwelling, fire in the attic. Under control time was 1853 with 2 occupants transported with smoke inhalation & burns. Companies assigned: E5,1,3,T1,L1,R1,M2,C-2 & 8,E14(safety Co.). S/C: M1
----022406: At 1241 hours box 62, 8th & Greenwich streets, AOF 545 Cedar street. 2&1/2 story occupied MOR dwelling, fire 2nd floor. Under control time was 1252. Companies assigned: E8,1,13,L3,T1,R1,M3,C-5 & 7,E11(safety Co.).
----030306: At 2033 hours box 132, 3rd & Penn streets, AOF 116 N.3rd street. 4 story occupied MOR multiple dwelling, heavy fire 1st & 2nd floors with extension to exposure 4 (a similar type attached). 2nd alarm struck at 2043 with the fire placed under control at 2130. Companies assigned: 1st alarm: E3,1,13,L1,T1,R1,M1,C-2 & 8,E5(safety Co.). 2nd alarm: E11,14,L3,M3,C-1,4 & 9.
----030606: At 0117 hours box 15, 5th & Bingaman streets, AOF 426 S.5th street. 3 story MOR occupied multiple dwelling, fire 1st & 2nd floor rear. Under control time was 0208. Companies assigned: E5,1,13,T1,L1,R1,M2,C-2 & 8,E14(safety Co.)
----030906: At 2347 hours box 132, 3rd & Penn streets, AOF 147 N.3rd street. 2&1/2 story occupied MOR dwelling, fire 2nd floor. Under control time was 2357. Companies assigned: E3,1,8,L1,T1,R1,M1,C-4 & 9,E5(safety Co.)
----032706: At 1455 hours box 142, Pershing Blvd. & Burnside Ave., AOF 1107 Scott street. Kitchen fire in a 2 story occupied MOR project dwelling. Under control time was 1508. Companies assigned: E14,5,3,L1,R1,M2,C-1 & 4,E1(safety Co.)
----032906: AT 0059 hours on a direct from M1, box 621, 9th & Oley streets, AOF rear of the 600 block of N.9th street. Heavy fire involving 3 garages in a row of 1 story garages. Under control time was 0139. Companies assigned: E9,1,11,L3,T1,R1,M1,C-2 & 8,E13(safety Co.)

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