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    Default His Shoulder Had Been Disconnected?

    What? Did it come off?

    Muhammad To Represent Self In Murder Trial. Montgomery County Bar Association Searching For Co-Council

    POSTED: 6:22 pm EST March 31, 2006
    UPDATED: 7:19 pm EST March 31, 2006

    ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Convicted sniper John Allen Muhammad was back in a Montgomery County court on Friday.

    Muhammad started his hearing claiming that he was treated so roughly while being taken from his jail cell that his shoulder had been disconnected.

    The prosecutor said that Muhammad had refused to leave his jail cell. The county sheriff denied that Muhammad was mistreated.

    Muhammad also said he wanted a wheelchair because his shackles have been hurting his ankles.

    "He moved when the deputies assisted him. He did it with respect and dignity. They did not rough that man up. He's lying he was not dragged. We do not do that," Montgomery County Sheriff Raymond Kight said.

    Muhammad is representing himself in his first-degree murder trial. He is charged with six killings in Montgomery County that occurred in October of 2002.

    Earlier this week, Muhammad fired his public defenders. Friday marked his first hearing without a lawyer.

    The judge tried to convince Muhammad to change his mind about representing himself, pointing out that lawyers can help pick a jury, cite legal objections and help with expert testimony. However, Muhammad continued to insist that he represent himself.

    The president of the Montgomery County Bar Association agreed to try to find a lawyer who would be willing to assist Muhammad in his five-week murder trial for free, but admitted the task will be difficult.

    Issues were also raised concerning Muhammad getting access to 30,000 discovery documents, making phone calls from jail and getting witnesses lined up to testify at trial.

    Jail officials testified that they are trying to accommodate Muhammad, but cannot give him special treatment.

    Another hearing is scheduled for Wednesday. The trial is set to begin May 1.

    Previous Stories:
    March 29, 2006: Maryland Judge Allows Muhammad To Represent Himself
    March 28, 2006: Convicted Sniper Wants To Represent Self In Court

    Copyright 2006 by nbc4.com.
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    "Muhammad also said he wanted a wheelchair because his shackles have been hurting his ankles."

    Boo-****ing-Hoo...guess he shouldn't have shot all those people huh!?
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