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    Question yellow FDNY apparatus

    Hi all -
    I found a photo in a book showing an FDNY Mack CF pumper, but it was painted bright yellow. The text briefly mentioned that the department experimented with the new color because it was supposed to be more easily seen at night. (The Mack engine in the photo was listed as a 1981 model.) My question is this: how extensive was this experiment with yellow trucks? How many trucks were painted? I tried an internet search, and found (at least) six different companies that used the yellow Macks - Engines 41, 42, 46, 94, 263, and 277. (In addition, the Code 3 company has made die-cast replicas of yellow FDNY Macks marked as Engines 45 and 58, but I don't know if they were based on actual units.) I know at least two different trucks were used, as the serial numbers on E-263 and E-277 are clearly visible in the photos, and they are different. Your ideas are most welcome. To see some of the photos, go to: http://members.aol.com/elsquared/fdnyyellow.jpg
    Thanks very much

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    In 1980 the FDNY had 80 engines built for them by ALF, One of those rigs were lime green. It was assigned to Engine 65 in Midtown.
    The following year 10 Mack 1000 gpm pumpers were delivered in Lime green. They were assigned to more active fire companies. Engine 58 got one of the lime green rigs. In 1985 the department hired a contractor to repaint the rigs the new white over red color. Three Macks were painted and then after a dispute with the city the rest remained the original color.

    Calderone, John. Wheels of the Bravest. 1993 Fire Apparatus Publications.

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