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    Default mid mount trucks

    My Department current has rear mount ladder with the exception of a couple of tiller apparatus. The apparatus commitee is considering a mid mount truck and is asking for input. Anyone have some experienced guidance on these trucks as i have no experience with them.
    thanks for your time

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    Check out the forum above this one titled Apparatus Innovation. There are tons of threads on aerials, midmounts vs. rear mounts, stick vs. platforms. There are many advantages to a midmount as well as disadvantages. I'd think you guys would benefit immensely as you have other aerials to compliment anything you buy. Its like having another tool in the tool box. This one is perfect for this but the other may be better for that. Onviously FDNY is the leading user of midmount tower apparatus and there are lots of great people willing to share their experiences. We hired Mike Wilbur as an apparatus consultant (he's an FDNY Lt. at L27-a rear mount stick). His recommendation concurred with our finding that we should replace our rear mount stick with a tower. The studies considered: buildings and occupancies protected, street accessibility, rescue potential, how we operate, other available aerials, firefighter training and capabilities and driver/operator capabilities.

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