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    Default Aspiring Firefighter in CA

    Greetings all from California. Just signed-up for the forums today and have posted with some questions I have about becoming a firefighter in the "Newbie" forum: http://forums.firehouse.com/showthread.php?t=80507

    If anyone has some time to take a look and answer any of my questions, I would greatly appreciate it. If not, no worries.

    As for me specifically, I am 26, live in the San Francisco Bay Area and just gave up the corporate life to begin the journey to become a firefighter (something I have always felt in my heart that I wanted to do).

    Good luck to you all and stay safe out there!


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    Thumbs up Wow Dude !

    Thats so admirable. We need more people in the world like you. I don't know nothing about being a fireman other than fighting forest fires as a kid with a McCloud. What I do know is I feel at home with fireman, I TRUST them, Theres nothing in the world better than being around people who care about you.. The Fireman is the essense of kindness and loyalty, honor...

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