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Thread: Ladder Locator

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireman4949
    If your looking for lights for the ladder, how about using something like an ACR Firefly tie-wrapped to the ladder rail tip?
    They're cheap, tough, waterproof, easy to turn on and off and the battery life is quite long.

    I had a firefly attached to every life jacket I had on my boat...About 20 of them in all. They can literally be seen for miles. They would make finding the ladder much, much easier, even in dense smoke conditions.

    Like Kevin said, all you have to do is tie a flash light to the top run or attach a small strobe that normally goes on our life vests. Why spend $150 for a new gatchet when you can go spend maybe $5 or $10 for a strobe that will last?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eastendldrco
    do not smack trkcoemt around for it. he/she may be a probie and new to the forum. he/she just shared a concept and did not actively or aggressively market / try to sell the unit
    Not to begin an argument, but his first post was a blatent advertisment to sell a product, and to try and get more to buy the same. I'm all for reviewing new products, just don't attach a price to your post, a simple link with a "hey check these out" would have sufficed.


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