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    Default Cross-staffing

    Looking for feedback on cross-staffing ALS ambulances with Fire apparatus in fire station. Idea of taking first emergency first with each station with 3 personnel. Really would like to limit the feedback with experiance with this staffing not "perception."

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    Our Dept. is looking at the same thing. We need e.m.s. closer.(12 min. response). We have a vol/paid fire dept. Our county and city are trying to work this out. The main goal is to protect the customers not our egos.

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    Thats the way it works in Dublin....every firefigther is cross trained during there basic training as EMT-B's, and in every fire station in Dblin there is both a truck and an Ambulance the men do the duties of the ambulance crew in about every 5 days or 5 nigths you will man the ambulance with one of your crew...

    Works great, because it means if there's a call to an RTA or Domestic fire and anything like that....when the ambulance arrives its your own crew and they know exactly whats going on and can lend a hand....and its then not a case of you going to a fire call and the EMS team standing arround waiting to be told to do something.....however it does mean that if arriving at a fire call...the ambulance crew jump from there vehicles and help in securing a water supply or helping with running out hose until the time that a patient/civilian is in need of EMS help.....

    Also the fact that your not constantly manning the ambulance also makes it a whole lot better !
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    Default Cross-dress, fire ems?

    If you can find enough medics to cross train, a good idea (by the nature of the job firefighters should at least have basic EMT). Squads, then engines are the best pieces to cross-staff. Some of our stations staff a mini-pumper with three (and you can actually deal with 90% of calls like that). There is less wear and tear for those departments required to run EMS calls because you can dedicate or rotate units. Improved public perception and quicker implementation of ALS care is a big plus (especially on calls where you need ALS but it wasn't dispatched that way -- when you need it, you need it NOW). Several of our "firefighters on fire trucks only" guys bristle at having to do any EMS but logically we are the best ones to provide the service with what we already have in place, and there is the economic or budget benefit to the fire service of tying in EMS (and specialty teams). If you're doing the service, the money follows you. Even major departments that dumped their EMS are spending the time and money to get it back. Fire calls are decreasing, EMS calls increasing. There is a good point from a supervisory standpoint that the best medics and firefighters often have different mentalities and approaches (lone wolf vs team effort) but that is a small roadblock for people who make a living overcoming obstacles. I think it's a no-brainer -- faster service when and where it is needed, and economic viability due to resource utilization.

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