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    Default Scott Air packs - pressure gauge

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you out there have had any problems with the needle on your pressure gauges falling off. This past week we had two of them have fall off of the dial. We havent been overly abusive towards the air packs, just a few car fires lately.

    Just incase you were wondering, they are Scott Air - Pak 50 series. with the intergrated pass deivces. 4500 psi, 45 min bottles, etc.
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    If you get moisture inside the gage, the pin that holds the needle on rusts and breaks...it happens over time. If the air your putting in your bottles is not completley dry, or any moisture gets in the system..it happens. It was a notable problem with the older style 2.2's, and 4.5's. Just replace and move on...make sure you check the water separator on your compressor too, and how you wash and clean the packs to make sure water isn't getting inside.


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