Hey everyone... my name is Chip and I have created an online community comprised of people interested in the fire service, we have an online department which is fictional titled 'Ballardsville Fire Department'. We run calls similar to an actual fireground only in a chat room and typed out. We do this mostly as a hobby and for learning experiences. A lot of the members are explorers but we do have some experienced firefighters. We have four stations and assign people to them according to their interests.

We have 4 levels you can join:
1. Firefighter - this is an entry level position in which your assigned a station and work on a truck
2. Fire Medic - this is an entry level position in which your assigned a title and work on either an ambulance or fire truck (wherever needed for a particular assignment)
3. Medic - this is an entry level position that is STRICTLY EMS work you will be working off a Rescue Squad or Ambulance
4. Dispatcher (Communications) - this is an entry level position to where you can dispatch the calls we run in a chat room, keep and post logs of the calls and organize units

If you think your interested or know someone who might be we are ALWAYS accepting new members. This not only gives you emergency services experience but it also allows you to experience somewhat of what a fire service career is like and allows you to experience leadership, organization, and teamwork.

We have different ranks at our stations and can always create specialty positions for those that have excellent certifications.

If your interested you can email me at: CHoffa@gmail.com

We have a website and a forum in which you can also visit:
Website: http://code3firecadets.tripod.com/
Forum: http://s14.invisionfree.com/Code3_Fire

Hope to talk to you soon!