We are reconfiguring our Paramedic SPRINT unit to function as a command unit as well. I have been delegated the task of designing the cabinets and pullouts of the vehicle. We have Suburban and am having Braun build Pullouts and cabinets for it.

I want to think a bit outside the box and make sure that we are getting the most bang for the buck and am looking for any one that is also using this type of vehicle for this use. What else is it used for? How is it set up? Photos? What would you like to see yours used for that it is not? Any ideas would be great.

So far it has all of our ALS equip. Turnouts, SCBA, MCI and ICS boards along with a bank of portables, radios, and a laptop with prefire planning/routing/and extrication software.

This rig responds to ALL calls and is the only one that is staffed 24/7. That is reason for the multi-tasked unit.

This is for a volunteer fire/EMS district with paid FF/Paramedics running 700 calls per year, but covering 180 sq. miles, a large industrial park with a coal plant, about 85-100 trains per day passing through, and a small airport. So chances for a LARGE incident are very possible.