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    Question School Presentation!!

    I have a question for everyone and anyone to answer you can be as creative and wild as you want...I have a high school research paper that i wrote for class on firefighting, i'm a junior firefighter and my dad has been a firefighter/medic all his life so the paper itself was not hard, however, we now have to do a 10-12 minute presentation on the paper. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for my presentation like simple demonstrations, creative ideas to talk about, a game, something for a tri-fold poster, i have all the research but as you all can remember you didnít want to sit through a presentation with someone just telling you what they found when they researched their topic you wanted to be involved or look at things so if anyone has any ideas I would be very appreciative if you could share them with me.
    Thank you for your time,

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    Set the teacher's desk on fire! That ought to keep everyone's attention.

    I don't know what aspect(s) of the fire service the focus of your paper is on, but how about bringing in your gear, or your dad's old gear and see if you can get a loaner SCBA to show to the class. Demonstrate the whys and hows of their use.

    Maybe get some fire pics for a display board, or get a good video of a working fire and explain what is occurring.

    Using most any kind of props will make the presentation more interesting.

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    Your 1st due.


    I took a public speaking class, and one of the topics we had to do a presentation on was a hobby of our own. I chose firefighting, and did presentation that covered the types of fire extinguishers, how each can be indentified, and then the "PASS" principle. I brought in a few of each extinguisher to show my peers, and then I took them outside and we discharged the extinguishers "pretending" there was fire.

    It took 15-20 minutes in total, but it was a good hands on presentation. A plus side was that we ganged up on my teacher with a water can...
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    I just did this last week for the same reason. We did a powerpoint on ff certs, apparatus, tools, etc. Talk about what SCBA is etc. Then we set up a room with tables for searches and did a wall search and an oriented man search with SCBA.

    We also got the Asst. Chief of the FD (Weruj1) to come also. It was a good time for all.
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    You is a FarFarter.

    Your Dad is a FarFarter.

    Have you learnt NOTHING??????????



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